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🍄MJ's Mushrooms🍄

New Info Coming Soon!


For a daily dose please see IG @mjsmushrooms.


In light of cancellations due to COVID-19, combined with the necessity for me as a white, queer artist to step back and amplify others, I have begun using my art to serve a different purpose.


In March 2020 I began raffling off my art to help individuals/families who were suffering due to COVID-19. Than my focus shifted to the Black Lives Matter movement, and I have been raising money for black organizations/people since. The raffles have brought in over $6,000 and I hope to continue to do so through the year of 2022. My art is the activism I can bring to all this turmoil. 

 If you are an organization that supports black and brown folks,  (LGBTQIA and disabled folks to the front of the line) or you are a business owner of color and you could use a piece of art to raffle off- please contact me through the Contact page here

With vaccinations rolling out with varying degrees of efficiency, l am still in the place of not being able to work shows/events but that doesn’t stop me from continuing to make art!  I am accepting custom orders and have a large inventory of premade pieces that I can curate from photograph and email to you to view in the comfort of your home. I love really getting to know my customers and don’t shy away from communication around my art and the process.


I want to thank everyone that has purchased work from me this year, or participated in my fundraisers, as it is greatly appreciated. It is by coming together that we will make the most impact. #QueerlyMade 


Honored to be commissioned by Nayland Blake to do the glass work in their 2019 works- Vanity 2, Love Station 1 and Love Station 2.

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