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Jessica walked into Glasslight Studios in Saint Peter's Village, PA to make an ornament with a friend and that experience turned into a love of glass art that couldn't be extinguished. She uses glass blowing as a coping mechanism and considers her time in the studio to be self care. Her art can express anything from her frustrations with politics, to her sexuality, to just wanting to create something beautiful that exists in the world or brings attention to a cause that requires more than screams of protest. 


Jessica is interested in fostering discussion on femme invisibility, white privilege, fatphobia, poly family values and queerness. She happily resides in the burbs of Philly with her husband, two kids, a Newton, one dog, two cats and three rats. You can still find her at Glasslight Studios under the watchful eyes of her beloved teacher Joel Bless. Jessica's other mentor, Kevin Doerner, has moved to expand his artistic experience and is now in California blowing glass in paradise! Jessica wouldn't be the artist she is today without the direct influence and continued guidance from these two men.

I create art and raise my kids on the colonized land historically under the stewardship of the Lenape HaKi-nk (Lenni-Lenape) people. I acknowledge their rightful possession of this Land and I am privileged to be able to live and work here.

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